Thursday, February 10, 2005

la in a weekend

i’ve been hesitant to post anything on my blog due to the fact that my name is attached to it #1, and the fact that i just saw a news story on different bloggers who were fired for blogging the wrong thing. (it’s not a good idea to bash your boss on the internet, you will get fired for it)

however, i’m not employed so there’s no boss bashing here, all i’ve got is a report on a nice weekend to the city of angels with my friend jon g.

here are the pics and the play by play:

roscoe’s chicken and waffles. in all of jon g’s glory he asked the waitress upon ordering “what is your specialty here?” bewildered the woman looked at him and with all sincerity said “uhh.. chicken, and …(imagine a super long pause, where we each looked at each other because we all knew the next word to come out of her mouth started with “waff” and ended in a “les”.) … waffles” ordering is most difficult when you are using all of your concentration to not fall on the floor and laugh.

you can see they keep it real here

then we went to melrose. once you’ve been you’ve seen it all… that’s what this kid was thinking while eating a hot dog the size of his forearm.

lynn found a pic that suits her, well the message does… pink letters are a bit too tacky for her liking. i had a bruise as proof.

this bridge gives a great view of the hollywood sign that sits upon the hill… my camera really didn’t capture that.

jon g passed up muscle beach, not really his thing.

sonic and emsterz came out to hang in la with the sf boys. a good time was had by all, emi celebrated by eating lemons. even lemons are fun when you’re hanging with me!

that concluded the uneventful trip to la. uneventful doesn’t mean un-enjoyable, although the two are often correlated. like big and fat. well no.


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