Wednesday, December 4, 2002

what i do

i waste lots of time on my computer. especially AIM. for example:

Corporate LUIS: like the away message?

high entropy kid: jacked it from ameer

Corporate LUIS: huh? no stpthtgt2's away message

high entropy kid: right

high entropy kid: it's ok

high entropy kid: needs work

Corporate LUIS: eh

high entropy kid: i mean you're competing with capnmike

Corporate LUIS: i don't think i could really do that, i mean how long do you think his list is?

Corporate LUIS: probably not longer than mine, but his are longer.

high entropy kid: true

high entropy kid: true

high entropy kid: he's just got that pazzaz away message going on

Corporate LUIS: yeah, i mean my away messages are really about me being away, his are about the fact that you're reading it.

high entropy kid: well when it comes to away messages, it's a difficult art to master

deep meaningful chats,

i also spend my time wasting in front of kazaa which is also the devil.

i really should be writing poetry, stories, and song lyrics...

i actually did a bit of this for the first time, makes me wonder why i haven't started, so that i'd be so much better now.

being productive is a problem for all mankind, i can't expect to fix it in a night! so i mine as well start with having better away messages....

at least it'll produce conversation?


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