Tuesday, December 17, 2002


such an old and played out line: "it's the little things that count"

as i observe life, i've realize that there are no little things. little things are big things. things are things, there's no relative size comparison so if it's a thing it's a thing, there's no little no big...

how has this become such a mixup? i'm not sure, i'll take a stab at it though....

details spark trains of thought. we were talking about music, song lyrics. to be more detailed i observed that the song lyrics that jump out at you and grab your attention aren't the generic ones, the ones that are general and use words that can be found in all top 40 of the current top 40 songs (ex of these words::: tonight, your eyes, i miss you, beautiful... there's tons) my point being that these are general, they don't spark emotions because they don't remind you of the little things, or like i'm trying to say, things.

personal experience: so i'm listening to dave matthews's song trippin billies, and there's a line in the song that he says

"remembering once out on the beaches,

we wore pineapple grass bracelets"

this line which is very detailed sparks a train of thought which just allows my mind to wander, i start to think about how they're on vacation somewhere tropical, where pineapples grow, and the beaches are crystal clear, and how they ate a romantic picnic on the sands and looked into eachother's eyes with the same feeling between them. and then i start to wonder what made them decide to make pineapple grass bracelets, and how they must have really liked eachother to make these bracelets for eachother, because personally i wouldn't just make bracelets with anyone, especially out of pineapple grass. it's so detailed that it had to have happened, and you can feel the emotion.

but generic song lyrics, " i just can't wait to hold you tonight" or some jazz like that, there's no feeling in that. dave matthews also can't wait to hold his girl tonight, and he's been thinking about it all the while, running on the beach, making bracelets, during that, the emotion is conveyed but only because we use our train of thought to get there.

the train doesn't go backwards quite as easy. Since the train doesn't go back so easy, that makes for the big things to not be so big. it's a thing. a thing in our mind. i like to play with things. i think about things. cause the little things are the only things, big things are little things too.


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