Monday, January 14, 2013

live edge trestle table part 3

with a bit of imagination i can start to see how this table top wil finish out. the cracks will be epoxy filled and the finish will make all of those beautiful grains and colors pop out at you.

before filling the cracks with epoxy, we had to seal the bottom of the cracks. if we didn't, then the epoxy go in one side and out the other. to seal the cracks we mixed wood shavings from the grinding and planing process with some wood glue.

we took the wood glue and shavings mix and stuff the bottom cracks

this was just enough to seal the bottom so that when we pour the epoxy further down the line, everything sets perfectly
remember this guy? i posted this pic in part 1. this is a walnut crotch.

I took the planar to this just to see what was under that rough brown exterior.

holy smokes look at how beautiful this walnut is! even without finish i can see an array of beautiful colors and grains in this wood. these legs are going to be amazing.

a close up of the freshly planed walnut crotch. 
link to part 4


Papi said...

Looking very cool. BTW, Papi = Briz. The Mrs. calls me Papi, or Papi C. Short for Papi Chulo.

feeling entropy said...

Papi!!! B.B.G. !!! DaBriz.
I am ready to get back in the shop and work on this project again soon.

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