Monday, January 7, 2013

fifty fifty me challenge: 2012 recap

in 2012 my friends started, a collective group of book and movie lovers who set a challenge to read 50 books and watch 50 movies in the year of 2012. for perspective, one is a published author and the other is a literary agent, they live books. but yes, this is a challenge to read 1 book and watch one movie per week on average, with 2 weeks for vacation.

i don't know about you, but i cannot read a book in a week. in fact, a 2010 goal of mine was to read 1 book each month. i ended 2010 with 10 completed books, not bad. 50 movies on the other hand was child's play for me. i could rant for 1,000 words why i don't pay $70+ dollars a month for the ability to sit through cable tv's bullshit commercials, but i'll save my typing fingers. instead i watch things on netflix or via torrent primarily.

so how did i do this year?

first i will have to outline how i modified the 50/50 challenge to suit my handicap.  in order to help me attend more live music shows, and cushion the fact that i will never read a book a week for 50 weeks, i allowed one concert to take the place of one book. i also tracked television series, allowing for a complete season to equal one movie.

there was tons of discussion of what 'counts' and what doesn't, as well as ways to cheat or other loopholes. i guess humans are programmed to find and exploit any and all loopholes. but really, this just a personal challenge that a group of people have decided to do together. it's more like going on a sunday run, it's good for you and if you have friends along it will be more enjoyable.

onto the stats!!

i watched 77 movies. take these ratings with a grain of salt, on a different day or viewing it's very possible that movies would be graded a letter grade higher or lower.

i watched via:
movie theaters
crackle - ipad app
itunes (rented via apple tv)
navi-x (jailbreak apple tv add-on)

the oldest movie i watched was released in 1984.

I rated the movies. here's some interesting figures
A: 20
B: 35
C: 16
D: 6
F: 0

tv series:
i watched 19 seasons of tv series. grades are much higher for these as they are a much larger time commitment and choosing them takes much more caution.

the oldest series i watched was released in 2001

A: 10
B: 4
C: 5
D: 0
F: 0

i read four books. yes, pathetically i read only four books. three of them were the hunger games trilogy. 2012 was a bad year for reading. in april i started a book titled john dies at the end, and i'm still 1/2 way through it. i have now officially put it down to never pick up again. this is a skill i hope i've learned for 2013. when you don't vibe with a book, get rid of it. the other book i read is a top secret book that i am unable to disclose on a public forum like this blog.

i went to 15 concerts. that's a bit over one a month, and i hope to exceed that in 2013.
A: 10
B: 3
C: 2

how did i do? i did pretty good, but could have done better. and i'm satisfied with that. i've learned that 21 of my movies were C or D rated, so maybe not so many movies in 2013. i also learned to put down bad books, don't fight it. i wish i had gone to more live music events, in 2012 i bought some -12db rated earplugs that i take everywhere. my friends are used to me wearing earplugs in the club too, it's funny if nothing else.

i'm proud that i was even able to track all of this stuff. i best share thanks to google docs.


movies: (title & year of release)

Life in a Day 2011
Marwencol 2010
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest  2011
Tiny Furniture   2010
No Strings Attached 2011
Year One 2009
The Notebook 2004
Drive 2011
The Warrior's Way 2010
Limitless 2011
In Time 2011
Rum diaries 2011
The Fighter 2010
The Descendants 2011
Hunger Games 2012
How Beer Saved The World 2011
Wrath of the Titans 2012
Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012
Dream A Little Dream 1989
Blue Planet Ocean World 2001
Ironclad 2011
Tigers of the Snow 1997
Beer Wars 2009
Ghostbusters 1984
Religulous 2008
Empires of Industry: Brewed in America 2006
Everything must go 2010
Marley 2012
I need that record 2008
The avengers 2012
Eden of the east movie 1 2009
Young Adult 2011
Footloose 2011
The historic pubs of dublin 2008
The Golden Child 1986
Promethius 2012
The Good The Bad And The Weird 2008
Moonrise Kingdom 2012
thor 2011
fish tank 2009
Submarine 2010
the girlfriend experience 2009
The Dark Knight Rises 2012
Captain America 2011
Urbanized 2011
Premium Rush 2012
Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead 2010
Chronicle  2011
Tommy Boy 1995
Chronicle 2012
A Separation 2011
Melancholia 2011
Education INC 2010
New York I Love You 2009
Fixation 2012
Boomerang 1992
Senna 2012
Five Year Engagement 2012
Why Thin People Aren't Fat BBC Documentary 2012
Searching for Sugar Man       2012
High school 2010
9 2009
Alpha Dog 2006
Death By Design 1995
Battleship 2012
Freakonomics 2010
Katy Perry Documentary 2012
Liberal Arts 2012
God bless America 2011
Life of pi 2012
Snow White and the Huntsman 2012
Brave 2012
Presspauseplay 2011
Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap 2012
Hugo 2011
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2011
Django 2012

tv series: (title & year of release)

Chobits 2002
Portlandia 2011
Shuffle! 2006
Burst Angel 2004
Fruits Basket 2001
Rosario + vampire 2008
Game of Thrones Season 1 2011
Game of Thrones Season 2 2012
Let's Big Happy 2012
Angel Beats 2010
Demon King Daimao 2012
Elfen Leid 2004
America: The Story of US 2010
Weeds: Season 7 2011
Breaking Bad: Season 5 2012
Samurai Champloo 2004
How Stuff Works 2008
Chappelle show Season 1 2003
Chappelle show Season 2 2004

live music: (performer & venue)

Euphorchestra Hotel Utah
Asteroid Galaxy Tour Independent
Aeroplane, Poolside, Cassian Mezzanine
Japan Nite Independent
Kings of House - Li'l Louie Vega, David Morales, Tony Humphries Mighty
The Magician Mezzanine
Mayer Hawthorn The Fillmore
Mayer Hawthorn DJ Set Public Works
The Family Crest Hannah's House
The Blank Tapes & Jesus and the Rabbis 50 Mason
Porter Robinson XS
Gui Boratto Mezzanine
Jason Mraz Berkeley Greek
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival SF GG Park
Not So Silent Night Oracle


jonyangorg said...

What a year! I'm so proud. Double that book number this year!

gaga said...

You need to put the ratings next to the movie/tv show so that I know which ones I should watch and which I should skip.

Congrats btw. I thought about doing it and using children's books to "cheat", but even with that, I don't think I could've even come close...

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