Friday, April 1, 2011

my shelf has spikes

my new retro stereo is starting to come together. but as i've been acquiring the components for the stereo, i'm finding an increasing need for a shelf of some sort for the stereo to live. initially the amp and tuner were placed on top of my technics turntables inside their boxes.

the speakers are designed to stand on the floor as they are, but using my two turntables inside their boxes as a makeshift shelf is wrong on two accounts. first account, it looks pathetic. second account, if i use my technics as a shelf, that's a $1,000 shelf.

so i contemplated making a shelf. many of the diy shelf threads on the few audio forums i scoured had all somehow come back around to "the rack". the rack is a diy shelf made of plywood, large threaded bolts, and nuts.

the rack performs well, but just didn't have the aesthetic i was looking for. so i searched a bit more. this is when i learned about vibration dampening, and the spikes that come along with it. each shelf sits atop 4 sharp spikes, thus minimizing surface area contact and mitigating unwanted speaker generated vibrations from reaching your audio components. the first shelf of this genre i found for the small price of $1399.99!!! i'd be damned to have a shelf that costs more than my entire stereo!

then i found the vti-bl404 shelf for $250! three color options and four shelves. i couldn't go wrong. so i ordered it and took pics.

i've received a few compliments so far, and i'm really enjoying how pretty my shelf is. i still need to get a few more components for my stereo, and as you can see, i have the shelf space for it!

next up, to get those technics turntables out of their boxes and onto a tabletop.


Digital Femme a.k.a. Android PR Gal said...

Hey, great job. My bf is having audio shelf issues, meaning, he doesn't have one. Currently, he's using a steel shelf that seems to increase vibration? He's finally, now serious about getting an decent audio shelf but the ones out there are just so expensive. The vti-bl404 shelves you got, that's an amazing price for $250!

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