Tuesday, April 5, 2011

blown away (guy)

in 1983 maxell ran a commercial about the audio fidelity integrity of maxell tapes.

(notice that blown away guy casually catches his wine glass before it falls off the table's edge.)

this ad went on to represent maxell and become a pop culture icon of sorts.

you've seen this right?

recently there was an article about the youtube fellas, check out their take on the "blown away".

once the family guy references something, that thing is solidified as a pop icon (to some degree).

even the jackass guys are in the know!

i love how he grabs for the glass at the 0:13 second mark even though the entire table is blown away at 0:03 seconds.

since i've been building the ultimate stereo system, i ordered the maxell poster for display above my stereo shelf. pics to come, as i have to get it mounted before the wall is dressed with blown away guy.


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