Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the eggling pt. 5

not only has our little eggling found a nice cosy place to call home, it's also got a new friend!

in fact, these egglings are twins, who were unfortunately separated at birth. but today they are reunited again!!

you may be wondering, if these are twins, why is one so big, and the other looks either newborn or just plain dead. well, if you did wonder that, you've just earned your "observation badge" for the year.

the truth is, the other twin came from a very dark household (literally, not much sun). but after only a few days here, reunited, there's signs of progress and hope.


Da Curious One said...

no way! it's got one sprouting already! damn. we never should of separated them oh my if you can nurse it back to health then hopefully i'll be able to give it more sun in my new place!

jonyangorg said...

i cant believe the difference. am i the scrawny one in this analogy? should i be moving closer to sun to grow?

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