Friday, June 11, 2010

takin' me back

'this is way before google reader'

i love soccer, and have since i can remember. i played on the aaa competitive teams starting in elementary school through high school. i also played on indoor teams, was picked up by other teams for tournaments that my main team wasn't participating in, and played for my high school team. soccer was life when i was growing up, and there was a time when i thought that i'd like to play soccer professionally (my other two aspirations were garbage man with a blue truck or lawn mower).

during elementary school, 2nd - 4th grade, i lived in penasquitos. i was on the pq express aaa team, along with the other elite 4th grade children around the area. one of these children was steven cherundolo (looks like he goes by steve now instead of steven). he's played professionally in germany since '99, and he's been on the usa national team roster more than most.

the past few world cups steve hadn't really made much of an appearance due to injuries. this time around he's healthy and ready, and so am i (to cheer for him). since he's a san diego native, the union tribune had a story on him recently. it outlined his path from portland's college team, to his father's death due to cancer, to staying in a german hostile while trying out for the hanover team. my dad read the article, cut it out, and mailed it to me [pictured above].

i had to cout the number of awesomes that occurred in this short moment of my life.
1.) i've played soccer with people who are on the national team (graned we were 9 yrs old).
2.) my dad cut an article out of the news paper and mailed it to me
3.) i found and friended steve on facebook, then wrote 'good luck' on his wall <- that part makes me laugh.


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