Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the eggling

over the weekend i became the proud father of a basil egg. i went to park life in the richmond district (aka that little knick knack store on clement), and adopted an eggling in need.

i have to say that the eggling came to me packaged with care

the eggling's mini pot, seat, plant pot bottom appears to be from germany. what a trip this little eggling has made in order to be birthed right here in foggy san francisco.

the instructions were quite clear. so i got to work helping this little guy. the spoon is mightier than the sword.

with a little encouragement,

and a little water,

we're ready to let that egg shell guard down and blossom into a beautiful little basil! (atop my mackie hr824 mki speaker of course! best seat in the house)

his name is ray


Mr. Tamayo said...

is it sprouting yet???? update pics!

feeling entropy said...

so far nothing. i may have a dud.

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