Wednesday, March 31, 2010

looking for a morning bender

a few months ago i saw this video created by yourstruly of the morning benders recording session for the song excuses. i wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but i watched the video a second time and made the decision to research this band a bit more. after a few minutes i had made a decision to see them when/if they made their way to SF. last night that happened.

luckily a friend of mine showed up early enough to stand front and dead center. so i took advantage and used my iphone pano app to capture a few panoramic shots.

the finale song was of course the song excuses. however, after watching a handful of excuses live performances i was anticipating a 4 person rendition of the eye and ear catching video. turns out we were in for a special treat, and the stage quickly filled with faces that i had recognized from the video. with flip camera in hand i recorded the entire thing with one shot.
disclaimer: my video is continuous (aka boring) compared to the high quality edited one previously mentioned on this post. also the audio capture by my peauny flip camera is no match for overlaying a studio recorded/mixed/mastered audio track over edited video.

we even met up with lead singer, chris chu, for a quick chat and a photo.

needless to say i had a fantastic time.


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