Saturday, March 27, 2010

10 things i wear around you (redux)

recently jon blogged about his 10 fashion basics. a few other people noted their fashion basics afterward. so i maintain my role as a sheep, insert band wagon jump.

1.) adidas shoes
shoes have to be adidas. i don't know what my fetish with the three strips is, or where it comes from. but an outfit is not complete unless there's adidas on the feet. i was told once that the first things people notice about you is your haircut, and then your shoes. if you're going to be cheap, don't be cheap with those two things. now, once in a while i'll put on some converse all stars. but only once in a while.

2.) jeans
a friend of 6 years noted to me last night, that he has only seen me wear shorts once. the second time we went camping, emphasis on second. legs are meant to be in jeans as far as i'm concerned -just as feet are meant to be in adidas. up until last month i only wore levi's jeans. the original jean. also, a san francisco based brand. i live in sf, so does levi's, it's meant to be! until i discovered raw denim, and nudie jeans. more on that in approx 6 months. it's an entire blog post in itself.

3.) belt
as i'm writing this it seems that my fashion priority list starts at the floor and works on up. feet, legs, and now waist. i am naked without a belt. some day i will have a huge collection of belts, i love them. to me a belt is a subtle yet impactful addition to any outfit. a belt is something rather personal to me, simply because the focal point is normally the buckle, which is right at your crotch. also, your belt is normally hidden. it takes some out of ordinary action like jumping, dancing, or leaning to expose a belt. i feel as though it's similar to those strategically placed tattoos that are only exposed under certain circumstances with certain clothing choices.

4.) jackets
in socal, a jacket is a tough accessory to wear. normally you wear it because it completes your outfit, or you lack the pockets needed to tote all your junk, not because it's cold and you require another layer. it's hot, and the jacket results in a well put together outfit and a sweaty experience. in sf it's a different story, and i love that about sf. the first thing i notice in almost any clothing store is the jackets. if possible i'd have one for each day of the year. the right jacket makes me feel invincible (mainly to cold) but also to carrying stuff sans-bag.

5.) hats
'i gotta start wearin' more hats' is a quote famous with a few of my friends, taken from larry clark's move kids. i love hats, they are a perfect accessory. the right hat can transform your entire mood, demeanor, even the way you walk. i'm trying to find the style of hat that i can pull off. i think i'm more critical on hats than any other garment i wear, probably because i feel like it governs the outfit the most.

6.) accent colors
i rarely am caught wearing a monochrome outfit. san francisco is grey enough without my help, i'm feel the need to bring in a bit of color. i try to have something with color on every outfit. most of the time this is handled by my shoes or belt, but it doesn't stop there.

7.) graphic tees
not too long ago my wardobe consisted of graphic tees, and cheap 'work shirts' from ross or marshall's. work was work and everything else was a tshirt. as i'm expanding my clothing repertoire, i'm staying true to my graphic tee roots. few things are as awesome as your favorite graphic tee, which may change on a regular basis. most of my favorite graphic tees come to me as hand me downs from my younger brother. hand me ups you may say? but i have to say that it's easy to overuse graphic tees, and that's a balance i'm looking to obtain in 2010.

8.) shaving
a man's beard is just as important as his haircut. fresh shave, 5 o'clock shadow, 2 day stubble. it depends on where you're going and who you're going with. sometimes it takes quite a bit of pre-planning to make sure that your beard is where you want it, at the time you want it there. regardless, when your facial hair is in order, your face is in order and that's important.

9.) bags
i love bags. laptop bags, pouches, backpacks, messenger bags, fanny packs, satchels (like indiana jones uses), and any other bag you can think of. if i had my way i'd have a walk in closet for my extensive collection of shoes, belts, jackets, and bags. upon composing this post i didn't realize just how much i cared about outfit accessories and how little i cared about shirts/pants (which i feel are the bread and butter of a wardrobe).

10.) iphone + iphone headphones
what's that? another accessory? you betcha! i have 4-5 sets of iphone headphones, and am constantly buying more. i have at least 7 pairs of other headphones. i love headphones. over ear, earbud, inear, studio monitor, hifi, with headset mic, etc. you name it, i got it or want to get it. but it's essential to have a pair of earbuds at all times. i use them to talk on the phone or listen to music when walking. i'm also notorious for listening to my iphone while in the kitchen cooking. what do i cook to?

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