Sunday, January 3, 2010

make a move here, a move there

i started blogging with livejournal in 2001. i know not exactly when because i either deleted it or can't find it (or livejournal deleted it due to inactivity).

i wasn't too hip to the closed feeling of livejournal, where only registered journalers could comment, thus i quickly jumped ship with blogger in my sights. almost 10 years ago things were different, online storage was not free, nor was it easy and user friendly. so i set up my blog in the fashion that most 'power users' would have set it up. i know this because power users set me up.

i registered a domain, mooched some web space from a friend's ftp, and configured blogger to take care of the rest. i was posting pics and changing my blog layout with custom templates while everyone else was confined to the text only blog posting approach confined in the stale handful templates that blogger offered.

all of this happened about 9 years ago, since then blogging has evolved and my blog unfortunately has not. blogger was bought by google, space on the web became plentiful and free, and my hotshot setup was surpassed by free accounts. today, a new blogger account comes with the luxury of posting pics and vids, customized templates, and widgets! all with your google account which ties to blogger.

so with the turning of the decade(along with a very motivated kick in the pants from jon) i've ported it all over to a new address, a blogspot one.

this turn of the new year i'm turning to a new blog, which is my old blog. of course i named it "am i wrong? (to hunger) II" which is lame, i know.

perhaps this 'newness' will motivate me to change my template more often, and compose posts more often as well. pics and vids are great, but there's something to be said about a well written blog post. hopefully i say what that is this year?


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