Wednesday, January 27, 2010

fillmore phoenix

last night was my first experience at the fillmore. i'd been wanting to see a show at this venue for months now, and haven't found the right show to christen my fillmore experience. until last night.

when i saw phoenix on the fillmore bill i promptly set an alarm to buy tickets the moment they went on sale. tickets available at 10am, by 10:05am i had two tickets successfully ordered and the show was completely sold out. i was a bit biffed that 2 tix was the max i could purchase.

at the end of the show, after their third encore song '1901' the guitarist created a diversion on the right hand side of the stage, it was pitch dark with a sliver spotlight on him. meanwhile thomas mars was sneaking to the back of the room via the left side of the venue only to appear spotlight at the rear with mic in hand singing the ever famous "fold it fold it fold it" one more time.


elisasin said...

wow! how did you get such awesome pictures??

feeling entropy said...

with a magical iphone!

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