Friday, August 28, 2009


in college i had a saltwater aquarium. my fish ate goldfish. every week or two i'd hit the local petco or fish store for some delicious goldfish. one day a few of the goldfish looked too good to eat (for my fish not me), so i tossed 2 of them into a goldfish bowl that sat on the ikea tv stand.

months passed, and these goldfish didn't die, of course i fed them and routinely changed their water. almost one year later i brought these goldfish, along with 2-3 petco coy fish, held in a separate tank, down to mom and dad's house. dad had put a pond in our atrium, and i was moving from my apartment. fish needed a home and parents had potential.

fastforward to present day (7-8years) and those $0.25 feeder goldfish are prospering in a renovated pond that is 4-5 times larger than their original, and have many more friends.


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