Tuesday, August 25, 2009

10 years of blog

lately i've been reminded (a few times) that blogger was turning 10.

i wasn't there on day one, or even year one. but i started blogging long ago. i started with livejournal, and after a few months migrated to blogger. i'm not sure if the live journal blog was deleted or simply forgotten but i can't remember the username/address for the life of me.

personally, i don't consider myself a blogger. i blog but i am not a blogger. perhaps i hold the title of "blogger" on a pedestal. in my mind for one to achieve the status of 'blogger' they must earn their keep. constant fresh content, and a quality of content that keeps readers navigating back to the site again and again. i also know that i'm capable of more than is reflected on this blog thus it makes me feel as if i don't deserve the prestigious title of 'blogger'.

between the live journal and this "/hunger" blog i've definitely done some blogged elsewhere.

'lawn chairs in the garage' was a blog that gene and i shared. it didn't last too long but was fun going back and forth. i've always wanted a blog with two authors going back and forth, unfortunately that takes way more effort than one person writing.

for a few months i kept a daily blog based on dictionary.com's word of the day. each entry was 1-2 sentences that normally rhymed. the goal was to use the word correctly by it's definition.

at one point i was paid to blog for livedigitally. the site used to have multiple contributors, focusing on tech news, doing product reviews, and 'articles' about the digital life we lead. since then it's turned into jeremy's rather verbose blog. i'd post 3-9 posts/day with a product review each week or so.

of course i've done the password protected & anonymous 'my hear is broken' blog. which also didn't last long, though that's a good thing.

i've got a doodle blog that is pretty inactive (though my doodling isn't). i'll revive it once i get a scanner because photos of doodles just don't cut it. i'd like to have an extensive collection of doodles and art created by me, but the time and effort thing get me every time. see why i don't refer to myself as a blogger?

i would almost consider yelp to be somewhat of a blog as well. to date i have 435 yelp reviews. puting things in perspective, this blog has 698 posts and is about 8 years old. i've been a part of yelp since jan 07 making that only 2 1/2 years.

i don't really blog for others, i blog just to blog. the creative process is therapeutic. i find that my daily life sees benefit from the time and energy i put into blogging. from the concept or idea creation, to the composition, blogging means constantly creating ideas and converting them into words and pictures that hopefully communicate my original idea. i also notice that when i'm avidly blogging, writing work emails takes far less time and energy.

plus, i love reading comments about my posts or talking to people about a post that i've written.

happy birthday blogger! i can't wait for our 10th anniversary together.


Ameer said...

How funny. I was just sitting here silently lamenting the gradual loss of the introspective/interesting personal blogger. It seems that these days any jerk with a few minutes free time feels the need to inform the world about every last uninteresting bit of their stupid lives. I miss the days when people would write about the truly interesting bits of their stupid lives. It was in this fit of nostalgic rage that I decided to pop on over to AIWTH, to see if my second favorite Ameer was still at it. And here you are, with a brief perspective retrospective of your perceptions...or something like that. At anyrate, it's good to see that you (us) are still at it. Obannon would be proud (may he rest in peace). Keep on showing these young chumps how to get your blog on ol' school!

Mr. Tamayo said...

This was a very heartfelt chronicle of your blogging experience. I can only aspire to high entropy.

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