Tuesday, January 6, 2009

roaring into the new year

granted i'm a few days late in posting up my celebration of 2009's birth, but blogs can now be backdated -time holds no power here.

we had a roaring 20's themed party. yes i bought that hat, and plan to wear it no later than oct 31 2009. perhaps i'll be a red suspender guy from the 20's!

i had a great new years eve celebration, as did everyone i celebrated with. finding the right new years eve celebration is normally a diamond in the rough. $150.00 cover charges, virtually no taxis, bad weather, entrance lines, lines a the bar, and the list goes on.

i've started 2009 off right. it feels like the first day of school. everyone starts out with a 4.0 gpa on the first day, all you need to do is maintain it till graduation.


Mr. Tamayo said...

dude, who's that hot chick in the black dress?

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