Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Clothes make the man

this weekend i went to paso robles, a small wine-centered town in the central california coastal location. i’ve been there many times before, but this time it was different. this time around i was treated unlike any other time i had been there. i noticed that people gave me more attention, they directed questions and requests to me instead of my parents, i was treated like a grown-up. mind you i am technically a grown up, but when i’m not at work or at some sort of mandatory dress code function i will be found in a hoodie sweatshirt, some comfy pants and adidas.

let me digress a moment. i’ve been carrying around a banana republic gift card for some time now, almost 1 ½ years. just a few weeks ago i finally got the card back to where it belonged, a banana republic! i tried on a few different ‘ameer style’ articles of clothing, mostly jackets. when i realized that banana was having a huge sale on selected items, and both items that i had identified as potential buys were not participating in the huge sale. so i moseyed on over to the sale items and found a nice black three button blazer. the blazer fit me great, and was greatly reduced in price! so i snagged that instead of the more ‘street’ jackets i had previously tried on.

i wore that blazer to paso robles, and i’m pretty certain that the lack of hoodie and presence of banana blazer made all the difference. so today i wore a shirt and tie to work, just for kicks. tomorrow i’m back to my comfortable jeans and sneaks tho.


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