Monday, January 14, 2008


after x amount of round trips, the 'luv'ly southwest airlines gives a free round trip ticket as a reward for choosing them to do business. i normally take southwest from sf to sd and back, so i made it my mission to go as far as possible on southwest's dime. i would have liked to do hawaii, but that's not an option with this sweet deal, thus: destination boston. my brother lives in boston, and i've never been.

so i packed my bags with a hoodie, a jacket, my beanie, some gloves and the other not so exciting unmentionable necessities, and headed on my way.

in short, i had a blast. spending time with a brother is always good, but this was more than some brady bunch family crap. this was the first time i had seen where my little brother lived. the first time i'd met his friends and lived his bostonian lifestyle.

among some of adventure we experienced:
rode the trains, ate the fried foods, enjoyed the history, saw the paul revere house, visited a 150 year old church, drank a beer at the bar which inspired the hit tv series cheers, ate drank ate drank and ate and drank. i neved did figure out why it was called bean town? and for a good 2 minutes we were perplexed that there was no boston tea party memorial -until it dawned on us, nobody died at the boston tea party!

needless to say, for the small price of 2 days vacation, $10.00 in southwest service fees, and a few layovers in chicago's midway airport, i came out a winner.


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