Wednesday, August 2, 2006



go figure. i spend most of my petty cash on items which either plug in or use batteries. i’m the guy at work who brings in his own super doper optical wireless fancy shmancy mouse and keyboard instead of the company issue garbage on a cord.

i read blogs about phones and computers, digital music players and ipod accessories. i even go as far as to sit down and read cover to cover every manual that comes with each device i purchase. there have been times where i read through the english portion entirely, and then start reading it over again in spanish –just to see if i can understand the same content in a different language.

you would think that someone such as the person i described would have taken the plunge long long ago. but it wasn’t until last week that i finally made the call and bought an electric toothbrush!

a shiny phillips sonicare e5300 now sits in my bathroom readily awaiting my return!

brushing teeth has never been so fun! the old twizzler’s slogan should be stolen and used for sonicare instead: “sonicare makes mouths happy”!

there are many electric tooth brushes on the market today. some looke like winne the pooh and are as inexpensive as 4.99 running on 2 aa batteries. then there’s the $150.00 sonicare 9000 series brush that has toothpaste inside the handle that squirts through the bristles and timers than ring at 30 second intervals reminding you to move from one region of your mouth to the other.

i chose the e5300 sonicare (middle of the road), it proved to be the best value for the given features and technology. thanks to i got my 5300 delivered for $68.

there’s a 28 day period where phillips guarantees teeth to be whiter healthier and happier. they back the guarantee with a full monetary refund before the 28 day period’s end. i was thinking to brush for 27 days, send it back and spend my $68 smackers on something else. but parting with my new tooth god send will most likely never happen.

teeth, meet technology. technology meet teeth.


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