Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ipod game

ipod game

i didn’t realize that i had made up a game for myself until i told someone about it not too long ago.

everyone i know has an ipod. nano, mini, photo, video, old, new black white, you name it. it’s impossible to go through every song on everyone’s ipod without borrowing their electronic best friend for a month or so –and nobody is ok with that. so i devised a quick system which i use to ‘rate’ a person’s dap (digital audio player).

another similarity my friends and i share is that we have all gone to school. at school you get grades, and grades are determined from a scale. the scale is simple, cmon we all know this: a=100%-90%, b=89%-80%, c=79%-70%, etc etc.

so how do you play?

this game is normally played when the ipod is hooked up to a stereo, or speakers that enable more than one person to hear it. the more people the more fun! the ipod must be set on random or “shuffle”. you can start by simply pushing play, but i like to push the track forward button a few times just to get the ipod warmed up and ready to play. make sure that the ipod isn’t playing a playlist, all songs should be selected for the game.

the game has started, and the first song is playing. this is where audience participation comes in. it is the responsibility of all members playing the game to decide what value this random song deserves. i use a scale of 0-5%-10%. if the song instantly brings you to a euphoric memory, or gives you a tingly spine it’s a 10%.

songs that you just have to listen all the way thru –even though you’re playing the game –are dead 10%’s.

if the song doesn’t suck, and given the right scenario you would probably listen to the whole track, it’s a 5%.

finally, when the owner of the ipod hears those first 2 seconds of the randomly chosen song, and blushes, immediately blurts out an excuse, or gives you that smile. you know the smile that says “oh gosh you just pulled me out of the ‘i love kelly clarkson’ closet and i wasn’t expecting that” smile. songs that suck and songs that are embarrassing are 0%’s you’ll know within seconds if it’s a 0% song.

repeat this rating of random songs 10 times. this is a continuous string of 10 random songs, each rated on a scale of 0-10%. no cheating here people, if you push forward two times in a row and skip over a 0% song in hopes of a 10% song coming up, karma will catch up to you –and you won’t want that, believe me. i knew a guy who cheated on this game once and he ended up driving a honda with no ac through death valley on summer solstice through stop and go traffic with no radio and only hot coffee to drink for 10 hrs. abide by the rules.

at the end, count up your %’s and you get a grade! sometimes your ipod can grade at a a and other times the same one can grade at an f-. sure there’s inconsistency, and it’s a voting system so there can be biased. discussion about the songs is heavily encouraged, as is humiliating ipod owners for 0% songs.

to date i’m the only one who has scored a 100% (thanks in advance to anyone who doesn’t point out that it’s my own game and i normally play this game by myself with my own ipod.)


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