Monday, September 5, 2005

grub club #3

grub club #3: corya all you can eat hot pot & bar-b-q. this clement street restaurant was visited by the grub club this past tuesday 8/30/05.

chooser: gemma (she called in and made reservations. we saw the yellow sticky note and it said ‘jama’)
attendants: gemma, jon g, george, abby (for a sec), and me.
best dish: the meat, lots of it. the hot pot was good, but the marinated meat was everyone’s favorite.
honorable mention: gemma, she picked it.
geek of the week: lloyd, cause he can just never show up.
restaurant rating: gemma, jon g, and george said 7. although in the picture george only held up a 6 (she’s an accountant too, makes you wonder).
super bonus: we got the cool corner seat, and a picture from the outside was needed.


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