Saturday, September 17, 2005

dark and stormy: 1/2 dark rum, 1/2 ginger beer

I brainstorm all the time. Imagine hurricane Katrina times 40 billion going on inside this thick skull I carry around. The storm is usually so rough, with waves so big that most of my thought boats end up sinking before delivering their cargo. This is why I carry a pen almost everywhere I go with exception to the three s’s (showers, swimming, and sleep). Other than that, one or more writing utensils can be found in my possession at all times.

What kind of storms am I talking about? What goes on inside my head when I’m not puking out too many words to describe a simple idea? Reading my blog is a small documented timeline of some of my written brain hurricanes.

This past Wednesday, I walked into taco bell for lunch. I sat alone, and ate my ½ lb spicy chicken burrito supreme with both hot and mild sauce. The thought came to my mind in an instant, triggered by an event that I’ve since forgotten. I pulled out the pen, a pad of paper, and started writing. My sailboat had been adrift, when all of a sudden, a huge gust of wind caught my sails and started pulling me in a direction that I just went with.

I had the punch line in my sights, so I started backtracking up to it. I was simply jotting down short handed notes in the most legible handwriting possible. The idea was to start my dear reader with some background info, link those facts to other facts and then arrive to some tie-up conclusion. All the while I focused only on these introduction factoids.

Come time to lay down the punch line, drop anchor, tie up to the pier, take the sails down and call it a day, I forgot. My storm had sunk the ship of thought. I forgot the punch line. How did all of these ideas come together? I have no clue. Here’s what I have written on my piece of scratch paper:

“i have lots of friends from chinese school -> it all started back in high school.
Now I have lots of friends who went to school in Michigan. I may as well have…-> the Michigan folks are all buddies & dancers. So, I’m always watching dance ish & listening to hip hop. Which I don’t like all that much. So I’m watching this movie_”

That’s where it stops. And that’s where I stopped. Putting both types of hot sauce into my spicy chicken 1/2lb burrito supreme broke concentration enough for me to lose and never regain that moment’s thought.

Tragedy? Yes. It was to be a blog. I decided that this boat sunk so close to shore that I’d drag it onto the pages of high-entropy and display what could have been.


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