Tuesday, August 2, 2005

metaphors for hikes

i’ve been hiking with my friend, 'mv killer', for about two months. each weekend we travel 30 miles south of san francisco’s concrete streets and shade casting skyscrapers. woodside had shade casting sequoia trees and dirt paths. we hike about 10 miles, up to 2000 ft above sea level, which takes roughly 3 hours.

at first i was timid on accepting my friend’s invitation to hike. i was in boy scouts, i know what it’s like to hike around in the woods. i didn’t move to the city just to leave it and walk up some trails. my friend and i share many similar interests, maybe i’ll like it now? conclusion: hiking is pretty badass.

i invited a few other friends, some have come along, others have given me the ‘are you crazy’ look. one of my friends says she only hikes to waterfalls. she explained that a hike needs a payoff, like a waterfall.

my good friend, the rat, says (and i misquote) “part of the fun to drinking, is the journey to get drunk”

here’s my life/hike metaphor: i like the hike, not the waterfall.

(i apologize, i hate copy paste aim conversations in blogs, but this one is short and sweet i swear)

him: but after everything, like say you get a job
him: and do well
him: what will it be for?
him: i don't want you to always want more
ameer says: haha
ameer says: i'll always want more
ameer says: there's always more to want
him: i suppose
ameer says: want to learn more, experience more, do more,
ameer says: lose my hunger for more, lose my reason for living
ameer says: *am i wrong? to hunger!
ameer says: =)

i don’t hike for waterfalls, i just like the hike.


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