Monday, August 22, 2005

grub club #2

grub club #2: emmy’s spaghetti factory. no the old spaghetti factory, emmy’s. this gem was located in the south-most parts of the mission district on mission. for 9.50 i got 3 meat balls the size of my fist, and a healthy plate of spaghetti. i had the leftovers for dinner today. the food was good, the booth was comfy, and i killed the carafe of water just as we were about to leave.

chooser: me (grub club president, founder, co-chief executive to the western branch, and straight up pimp-daddy-restaurant-chooser)
attendants: jon g, george, victor, ameer
best dish: we all ordered spaghetti, some with meat balls.
honorable mention: jon g’s risotto
geek of the week: three way tie between michelle, gemma, and lloyd (although he’s not even a member yet –you have to at least attend a grub club to be a geek, but lloyd we make exceptions for.)
restaurant rating: i say a healthy 8.5-9, nobody really came up with a number this time? so much for tradition.
super bonus: the spray paint sign, ‘a touch of class’.


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