Thursday, January 13, 2005

wonder about those years

I’ve been watching an overly excessive amount of “the wonder years” episodes lately. I’m on episode 39. I started on Sunday with episode 1. there’s a theme with this show that I can relate to, frankly, everyone can relate to… Kevin Arnold, the main character, is a 13 year old parallel to my 25 year old life.

Every episode he miraculously gets himself into these situations that are beyond his control that make him appear to be a self centered jerk. However, we know by his mature narrative voice that his intentions are 100% pure, unselfish, and kind hearted. his goals are to pass middle school, ward off as much embarrassment as possible, and capture the heart of his biggest crush ever- Winnie cooper.

How does this parallel my early adulthood? Well I’m simply trying to get by with a job of some sort, I also have countless moments each day where I worry about avoiding embarrassment, and well… as far as not getting the girl, I am the A+, no.1 professional in that dept. actually, Kevin Arnold is so close to getting the girl yet always manages to miraculously lose her just as he realizes that she is everything that could make his adolescent world a wonderland.

I reflect back to when I was in middle school, and high school, and college, and even now that I’m in “the real world”, while watching the series. I find myself facing similar trials as our hero Kevin Arnold is facing. My Winnie cooper is just out of reach at almost all times. once in a while she’ll tease me and I’ll for a brief moment realize that Winnie just may have the hots for me. Of course, after riding my high horse for a day thinking that I’ve just roped the world by the gonads, I’ll turn the hall corner to my locker and see her holding hands of an 8th grade jock that she supposedly broke up with 2 weeks ago.

Problems of a middle schooler and problems of a 25 year old are pretty similar when simplified to the basics. i’ll have to finish the 115 episodes and find out just what happens to our hero in the end. Who knows, even a loser has to win sometimes, doesn’t he?


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