Tuesday, June 22, 2004

what does bill know

so i've picked up a book from work, "Bill Cosby Fatherhood". i just snagged it. i like bill cosby. he's great. and well i guess whatever he writes is fun. so i'm reading this and i realize it's about being a father. shit! i'm not in a position to think about this...

i'm sure i could get a girl pregnant but then before the baby was born i'd have the girl sick of me and all intrested in another guy, and those two would have a 2-5 year relationship, i guess i'm the perfect rebound man, i do that to women. but that's not my point, this is another blog for another day.... while i'm reading this (and i have only finished 2 chapters) it is talking about dealing with a pregnant delicate wife and how crazy it is that a kid comes out of her "honey we had a lizard!" he says. cause new born babies are freaking nasty looking. well to the non-parents they do. all slimy and gross looking.

he keeps busting a point, why the hell do we do this to ourselves. he hasn't answered it yet. but why? kids suck money, time, energy. he hasn't talked about the reward.

but this talk has made me think. sometimes i want to live the life of these guys. spend money on a child, wife, house. is that not life? it seems as though life is very much just that and through our superior intelligence we have found other meanings of life. but simplify and life is basically to survive and keep on living. having babies is the way to keep the human race going. so that's what we live for. to experience raising someone or more than just one. to me sounds like fun, i'd love to have a great wife and a great house with a great car and a great job raising some great kids. life would be great. but yes, we're so superior that that's just not enough. i need more.i need to get some other satisfaction from life. how? i dunno. maybe bill cosby will tell me. he did run a funny show for like 17 seasons (not confirmed) he was made fun of on the simpsons, and if the simpsons made fun of you, you've made it! hey! i've found that missing thing in my mid life! i need to make it on to the simpsons!!!


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