Monday, June 18, 2012

the credenza part 1 - it starts with an idea

in april of 2011 i started sketching plans to build a table for my turntables, the turntable table. i called it the ttt, and sketched a few different ideas.  i started with online browsing. searching for "the perfect dj table", "dj stand", "dj furniture". i was looking for inspiration and ideas i could build off of.

my largest inspiration for this project was my dad. he had made a counter height kitchen table using solid cherry wood and some remnant granite from a recent kitchen remodel.  he used two strips of granite, inlay into a cherry frame. the pic below shows the granite counter top (with a rather delicious lamb lunch).

here's dad's counter height kitchen table

another table shot with a small hookah on top

i found a bit of inspiration from stores as well, like these pieces from crate and barrel. the idea to use wood and stone together had been decided. next up was the toughest decisions, the design!  deciding what types of doors, shelves, and surfaces would i want. the overall dimensions were somewhat decided based on simple ergonomics, it was the design and aesthetic that really took some decision making.

i liked the overhanging top of this piece. the shelf that sits not too far below the top was also an idea inspired by this piece.

 these little guys showed the wood and stone harmony pretty well, without the inlay technique. i pondered simply gluing the stone to the wood frame like these in some early designs.

from this research i started sketching my own ideas. here's a few rough ones.

notice how one design has two pieces of stone, doors, and only two shelves. the next drawing has three exposed shelves and one piece of granite big enough to cover the entire top. i have about 15 pages of drawings, ideas, dimensions, and notes. the earliest date back to april of 2011.

link to part 2 - this wood is all good.


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