Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend update

this weekend we spent some time visiting the chens, hung out with their kids evie and arron. desmond tutu corgi also made an appearance. he was continually attacking the small strawberry patch. he's the only dog that i am friends with on facebook, he is a retired champion showdog.

my latest coffee paraphernalia showed up thanks to, and i was able to geek out in the mornings with precise weights, temperatures, grinds, and pours. the scale, thermometer, and hario v60 02 dripper with collector are the new items. i've had the kettle for a while, and love it. that grinder was purchased from a garage sale for $5, it's on the short list to be replaced.

sunday was the big one. dann and i rode from the mission to fort funston. i used my nike running tracking program to document the ride.  unfortunately, my phone ran out of juice just before returning home, but managed to track the majority of our 7 hour excursion.  the app thinks that i ran these distances, so that 3481 calories is incorrect, as half of the time i was sitting on my bike coasting downhill.

Riding my bike for an entire day made me appreciate my $35.00 bike. It has been needing a few upgrades, which i neglected to buy, since it feels like a waste to put $80 worth of brakes into a bike that cost me $35. however, i've decided that the value of the bike is more than what i've paid to acquire it.


Mr. Tamayo said...

Is every marker a place where you stopped to have a beer! Nice!

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