Thursday, February 9, 2012


love writing lists to organize my near, far, and outer space goals. two weeks ago i found myself adding more to the list than crossing off. so i streamlined, and focused on the three things i needed to accomplish. i run at lunchtime, a true work from home perk. i have a test coming up, which requires about a month of study time, and i like to write my entries for the night before then schedule them to post around 8:30am the next morning.

i have to say, i've been quite successful with the streamlining of my goals. i have studied each day, run each day, and even squeezed in a few bonus items like vacuum the house, rewire my 4th pair of speakers, and ajax the kitchen sink. i really hate to use the overused, but less is more in this case. i'm feeling more productive and focused, two things that 2012 is going to need quite a lot of.

an off-the-list item is to pay more attention to this blog. i'm sure that by now, my rss feed has either been removed or filed in 'retired' for most of my friend's readers. and that's okay, i blog for me. but that's the thing, i haven't been blogging for me here.

but in the meantime i am running, studying, and blogging (elsewhere).


jonyangorg said...

It's called the "defunct" folder on mine but I'd never do that to you.

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