Monday, July 18, 2011

The End Starts Today

almost two months ago i started a music blog titled, The End Starts Today

i had been contemplating the workload that came with a daily music blog for the past few years, each time telling myself that it was too large of a commitment for me to undergo. then in feb of 2010 i found myself sharing a song a day with a fellow music loving friend, and jon commented that i should have just started a blog with all this effort. i hate to now say that he was right.

i wasn't sure that finding a song and emailing it to a friend was the equivalent of creating a blog, uploading a song, linking it, writing my thoughts and feelings about the song, and searching for and adding a picture to accompany the post.

but somewhere in the past few months, i decided to quit creating excuses and just go for it. i registered a blog title, devised an efficient process for uploading, tagging, linking, and posting my song, text, and a photo. i even sketched the black and white graphic above as 'album art' for each song that i post.

nowadays i spend about 15 minutes per day posting to the blog. i spend almost all day listening to music, via peel, my new best friend but this is usually during work, lunch, or after hours. i haven't changed my music discovery habits one bit as a result of the music blog, which was also a concern of mine.

on top of my 5 posts per week, jon posts one song per week on his "select sundays" category for the blog. you could say he's my re-occurring guest contributor, but he's more than that. he's helped with the blog layout, and a trusty consultant all things blog (he did publish a book on blogging).

since day one, i've had a blue sticky note that sits on my desk helping me blog. i wrote two sentences on the sticky note "if someone only listened to my music blog, what songs would i post?" and "discuss what i like about the song, and how it makes me feel"

i wrote these sentences to help me focus on what songs to choose and what i write in each post. plenty of blogs i follow post songs and their version of the band's bio, or some neat factoid. i figure that factoids are posted everywhere, but what i personally feel about the song is not posted anywhere, so instead of creating redundancy on the internet, i'm adding something unique and personal. now don't get me wrong, i'm not writing pulitzer prize novels about songs. i write a few sentences and move on, i mean, it's a music blog!

i've made a facebook page, a twitter account, and a feedburner for everyone's blog following preferences. so follow along and enjoy [what i think is] good music daily!


jonyangorg said...

B.E.S.T. site ever.

Da Curious One said...

i don't know what feedburner is but i'm following along on all the others. this is pretty much all i listen to now

choijoy said...

LOVE the illustration!

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