Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pics of your listening space

recently i joined a forum for audio junkies like myself. i've been visiting the forum for some time, in search of the answer to a specific question, or browsing pics of new equipment. but i had never felt the need to join until now.

upon joining, one thread caught my eye, then soon grabbed a hold of my spare time and rung it try like a used shop rag. the thread title is "pics of your listening space". at the time of writing this post (or starting the draft a week ago) the thread boasts 7,835 posts, 523 pages, and countless pics of listening spaces.

i went through e v e r y s i n g l e o n e.

it took me well over a week, and as i stated earlier, took most of my spare time. i started at the most recent posts and moved backward chronologically.

while combing through this massive thread, i couldn't help but make some observations. first of all, audio knows no boundaries.

here are some pics i stole off the thread and my observations alongside:

if you aren't a pink floyd fan, then this may look like a tasteless piece of art in a somewhat conservative home. i think this is magnificent! and i also love the dark side album.

this picture may not be impressive to the average joe. but those who are in the know understand that each of those black boxes with pretty blue lights costs many thousands of dollars -and is worth every penny.

there's some fun pics, like this one. only an audio geek...

some listening spaces aren't as organized and clean as i'd prefer for my own.

some contributors have more speakers than i would know what to do with.

some are in college dorm rooms.

there were a few "with the lights off" shots. i especially like the tube amps when lit.

some audio rigs look like they came from outer space.

and then some pictures made me feel as thought i was looking at art. instead of looking at electronics that reproduce pre-recorded art.

i need to tidy up, and purchase a thing or two before i contribute my listening space(s) on this thread. i'm sure if you comb through my blog you'll find some here and some there of my personal listening space. and besides the love of music and audio equipment, the other similarity that almost every single contributor to the thread agreed on is the fact that their listening space is never quite done.


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