Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 icons

i'm no designer, but i know designers!

one of those designers sent me a link to this 4 icon project someone ( a neato designer) did. i loved the idea so much that i immediately brainstormed what would my 4 icons be.

these were sketched on paper, scanned, vectorized in illustrator, then put together in photoshop. probably a bit of techno overkill but hey, that'd be my 5th icon.

i didn't like how that computer looked, i felt that it was outdated so i removed the tower. i think this makes things look much better.


jonyangorg said...

That water bottle drawing is amazing personified.

reena said...

I like the sans tower picture too.

Mr. Tamayo said...

dude....i need to 4 icon myself....

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