Saturday, January 22, 2011


i've been wanting a lamp above my desk for some time. i've online shopped, and went to ikea before deciding that in order to get what i wanted i'd have to do it myself. so i headed to the thrift store to purchase what is usually the most expensive part of the lamp, the shade. $1.25 later i had this bad boy. of course, i bungee'd it to the back of my bike cause i'm green and all that jazz.

i purchased a socket with a pull chain (the rage now seems to be in-line-switches) but for what i wanted, that was not ideal. the center gold ring is the lampshade holder, and the extra pull chain with white nub was also purchased. these things cost me approx $20. not pictured is the 20 foot long extension cord, i also purchased for $14.

a little dremel action for this lampshade holder to fit perfectly.

viola lampshade will be held (the white piece is the lampshade mount.

here we are assembled.

and it's not a real job unless something breaks in the process.

better be more weary of that cord on the hook when measuring the ideal lamp height.

no humans were injured in the making of this hanging lamp.

lights on!

lights off!

i'm ready for my closeup mr camera man.


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