Saturday, November 7, 2009


i have a small obsession with public bathrooms, which has only grown since i've moved to sf. almost any time i visit an establishment i try to visit the restroom just to see what i'll see.

some places keep the bathroom just as up-kept as the rest of the establishment. if you're paying more than $12.00 for a hamburger, chances are some of that cost are for the nice bathroom facility, so use it!

cheap asian food almost always has the most cluttered, dirty, thrown together restrooms. they are second only to no-cover clubs or dive bar bathrooms.

there's nothing more comfy than an elegant and well planned restroom, and on the converse there's nothing more uncomfortable than a disgustingly dirty (and wet, everything is always all wet) restroom.

now allow me to drop an interesting factoid about myself, up until around middle school, i was scared of public bathrooms. i think i watched a scary movie with a public restroom scene, and couple that scary memory with the unreasonably loud public bathroom toilet flushing sound and you got a scared 8 year old.


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