Sunday, November 16, 2008

bass, i love you

i'm constantly reminded about the billions of social circles and interest groups that human beings share, thanks to the internet. as i was searching youtube for videos of car speaker enclosures (as i'm in the market), i came across another example of this phenomenon. bass -not the fish, nor the guitar -we're talking about low frequency sounds and the systems that recreate them (at extreme output levels).

as i'm youtubing [searching and watching], i immediately notice a trend in the videos that i'm digging up. first of all i'm amazed at the number of people with low quality digital cameras that video tape their massive car/home stereo's ability to vibrate miscellaneous nearby items. but that's not the trend that caught me by surprise, it was the song! an abnormally high number of these videos were recorded using the same song.

after watching a handful of different videos, each using basstronic's "bass, i love you" song, i had to google the song name and get the real story story here. i do have a very unofficial journalistic background you know.

apparently it's not as exciting as i thought. basstronics had given permission for anyone to use their song (a la youtube speaker pounding showoff video makers) which helped decide the bass thumping system benchmarking anthem. granted there's tons of youtube videos that are aimed at showing off the awesome bass producing power of the video composer's system which do not use basstronic's "bass, i love you". however, there is no competition, basstronics holds the throne when it comes to songs used to prove a stereo's awesome (and sometimes not awesome) ability to produce massive vibration.

i love observing the coming-togetherness like such. not to far back in the past, most of these people would have never shared their passion with so many people with such a small amount of effort.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you like my song.
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The song was actaully made from a song in a commercial by ZALES. A jewlery store.
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