Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my first baby shower

today i attended the first baby shower i have ever attended. at work.

a guy on my floor is having his first baby. and possibly his last!

we had cake, fruit, cookies, soda pop, and presents were opened. i've never been to a shower of any sort (wedding, baby, sweet 16, first house purchase, first sub 12 second quarter mile run... people have showers for those things right?).

regardless, i was there. first time for everything. there were some people who attended that had blatantly been to enough showers for a lifetime and a half. they were saying things like "the person who brought the 7th present that is opened, is the next person who will have a baby" and "save the wrapping paper, use it to line the children's dresser drawer"

i swear you can't make that stuff up!

the three bachelors (and only males) chipped in for one of those amex gift cards and a greeting card that said "congrats- from the guys in float".


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