Monday, August 4, 2008

facebook is where it ended

i joined friendster back when i was in college, and introdced it to almost everyone i knew. it was so much fun i then joined myspace, and eveyr other social networking site i was able to find, some of which i have since forgotted the url at which they live.,, ???

the point, let's get to it.

i was a social networking account creating addict. there were at least 5 to 6 individual social networking sites that i joined. thing is, once i created an account and added a few friends, i didn't really spend much time on the site. i think 150 was my "acceptable" number of friends, and once i landed that many i 'gave up' and reverted to logging in only when i had a "you've got a message/comment/friend request" email. the allure of the social networking sites wore off quick.

then i met facebook. when i was on my account creating rampage, facebook was locked to users who had a .edu email addresses only. mine had expired by this time, so i was s.o.l. facebook was rather genius about limiting their users to college kids for two reasons. elimination of old perverted men posing as 18 year old boys/girls, in order to talk to 18 year olds. and everyone on the network was (in theory) smart or educated, i mean, they are in college! when facebook was proven hit, they opened the floodgates and enjoyed more advertising revenue than you can imagine [they allowed all people to join/register].

Facebook is where i drew the line, but not technically. i singed up, and didn't use my real name or my primary email address it was only a temporary thing. the reason i signed up was simply because a friend posted pictures on her facebook account, the only way to view them was to have an account myself. not too far down the line afterwards i deleted the account.

why did i draw the line at facebook? maybe i'm old school, or perhaps new school -i'm not sure which i am just yet, but i know i'm not "present school". if it's popular to the masses now, i'm either not caught on yet, or completely over it.

i remember the days of when, people had blogs and time. each day i could check each blog and see who's updated and who hasn't. entries, pictures, thoughts, new layouts, etc just about every friend i knew had a blog.

now everyone has a facebook, or a myspace. those pages are not only boring, they're ugly. at least facebook doesn't allow horrendous layout changes or bogus background images. nonetheless i'm not akin to them in my old(er) age.

i'm waiting for the new generation of social networking: location based and real time. with almost every person in my address book armed with an iphone, location based information generation is a slide of the finger and a few taps. i imagine being at a street corner when i pull up an app, and see who in my network has been where i've been, when, and possible notes/pics they took while there.

maybe i'm ahead, or behind. should i just go make me a facebook account now or what?


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