Wednesday, July 2, 2008

daft punk alive 2007

1997: daft punk released an album, named it homework, and put themselves on the map.

years later (2001) they released another album, named it discovery, and it was so hot that the map caught aflame.

further down this same path, -year:2005- daft punk released an album, named it human after all, and that's where this success story takes a turn. the album did not meet expectations. the duo created the entire album in just 6 weeks, but that wasn't enough to please the masses. was daft punk lucky their first two times? did they lose it?

answer: no.

in 2007 daft punk showed up to their hometown of paris, and played a set dressed in the signature robot suits atop a lighted pyramid. they used material from discovery, human after all, and a tad from homework. this live mix not only showcases their talent, but also the quality and genius of their art. the set was recorded, named daft punk: alive 2007, and has been shaking since.

do what you need to do to get your hands on this masterpiece. daft punk owns electronic music for a reason, alive 2007 is a solid example why.


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