Monday, June 16, 2008

loss of phone

a few weeks ago, i lost my phone (5/16). it was a friday, at night.

no, you did not just read a typo. more than four weeks ago i lost the use of my beloved iphone. i was on the way to the bathroom, and i got a text message. so i pulled out the phone and was reading the message. at that moment, i watched my phone fall in slow motion towards the porcelain bowl. splash.

with nothing to take pictures while on the go and email them to blogger or my yelp queue, i had hit a blogging/yelping wall. my online presence had all but fallen off the face of the earth.

well i'm back, and i'm ready for action. i've got a loaner phone in hand (which allows me to post) and i've got an agenda to snag up one of those hot and sexy 3G iphones that will be coming to shelves early july.


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