Sunday, March 9, 2008

noriega nights

i live on noriega.

imagine a few bars, lots of asian restaurants, dentists, and other misc shops -that's noriega street. during a dinner with gemma and michael the idea to adventure the noriega street restaurants/bars was brought up. i even mentioned that i had access to a laminator machine. and that's where it started. noriega nights was born.

i asked a co-worker to draw a few doodles on my dry erase board friday afternoon, which i took a picture of and then resized and printed out with a bit of windows paint-shop post production. i printed a few pics from onilne photo albums to personalize them, and my noriega nights vip badges were almost complete. after a hole punch and some fishing line, we were set to go.

there's something about a theme that makes the night just that much more fun. going out just to be out is, 'out'. it's time to theme it up.


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