Friday, December 7, 2007

the concert

i'm a huge fan of tegan and sara (sara pictured). last night i attended their concert, which prompted some reminiscing.

i remember where i was and what i was doing when i first heard the twin sister duet. it was a sunday. sunday mornings gene and i went to pho cali, sometimes with others, sometimes just us. we were on the way. the night before we had been drinking, gene and i always went to pho the morning after drinking in san diego. prob johnny walker black label or crown royal.

gene's red pickup truck was en route to pho, and his ipod was connected via crappy quality wireless fm transmitter. song after song tegan and sara's album 'so jealous' kept impressing me until i was forced to ask gene who this band was??

not much talking normally occured on sunday pho breakfast mornings. car ride, ordering, eating, and driving home are normally somewhat slim on dialog. there were sprinkles of the occasional chuckle or "mmmmm, yea". i broke the silence.

immediately after pho downloaded every tegan and sara album i could get my bit torrenting hands on.

this was 2004, it is now 2007.

yesterday, after 3 years of enjoying tegan and sara's hard work, i contributed to their cause. not only did i attend their concert (tho i didn't purchase the tickets), i picked up a copy of their latest cd, 'the con'. the first cd i've purchased since.... the internet? it feels good.


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