Thursday, November 15, 2007



i moved to la around this time last year. i was overworked, ate take-out and more take-out, and never once broke a sweat due to exercise.

i'm back in sf and life is different now. i am not overworked, thus i have time, thus i can cook -and thus work off the extra weight i've accumulated. but how?!? join a gym? lypo-suction? live like hong and eat tuna out of a can with crackers for lunch and dinner (nothing for breakfast)?

nope. i assess the situation, and act accordingly.

i work on the 11th floor of a 22 story building. buildings have stairs, and i have time. so started a short routine a few weeks ago. you've guessed it! walk the stairs! at the end of my work day, i take the elevator down to floor 1, and walk the stairs to the top. then turn around and walk down. instead of stairs i could take a walk outside, or do something elsewhere but it's cold, rainy, windy, etc. outside, and other places are further from work than say, the stairwell. the stairs are always the same temperature, and they're dry! and to top it all off, nobody is ever in the stairwell!

the whole trip is about 15 mins, but boy is it tough. the first few times my legs were shaking at the end, i had to sit down! and the day after, were my legs tired.

however, this isn't the total of my "lose the la weight" plan, it's simply the start. i won't disclose the future plans just yet as i haven't solidified them, however i do plan to fit comfortably back in my work clothes once again!


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