Sunday, October 14, 2007

adidas and puma

sneakers make the world go round

i'm a fan of adidas sneakers. for about one year, i've committed to buying at least one pair of adidas shoes each month. at approximately $1,000.00 of spending i decided to do a bit of research.

some people say adidas started making soccer shoes, and was named after All Day I Dream About Soccer. some say that the name is a combination of the founder's first and last name adolf dassler (adi short for adolph).

i found out that "all day i dream about soccer" was just a coincidence. but that's not all i found out, there was another dassler who helped start this company get off the ground. his name, was rudolph dassler, brothers! it's mind blowing to think that 2 brothers in the 1920's created the world famous shoe company, adidas.

that's not where the rabbit hole ended. not by a long shot.

Adolph and Rudolph had a dispute, and split up. rudolph started his own company making shoes. rudolph named his company "ruda" after himself, which later was changed to what you now know as "puma". that's right, you read it here. puma and adidas were started by brothers. momma dassler must be one proud woman!!

i didn't know if this was common knowledge around the rest of the country/world. so i asked a few people if they knew adidas and puma were started from brothers. one girl worked at a shoe store that sold adidas and puma, she had no idea. so i deemed the topic blog-worthy!


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