Sunday, July 29, 2007

armageddon 2

after watching transformers i was compelled to spend my saturday night watching michael bay's greatest work, armageddon.

the movie ends with them saving the world, the survivors safely return to their loved ones. but what happens next?

i'm normally not one to encourage sequels. normally a sequel is not the next chapter, but the same chapter with a different twist. however i would watch armageddon 2 if it were done right.

the survivors of the mission come home to their loved ones and everything is bliss, for a day or so. but what happens after you save all mankind?? -you're the biggest celebrity in the world.

move over brad pitt, david beckham, madonna, and anyone else who is globally known. harry stamper(bruce willis) is now the guy who sacrificed his life to save every other living being on the planet.

for those that aren't dead, what lives do they live? does the government just buy them whatever they want? do leaders of other countries come visit them and pay their respects? do they hang out with each other afterwards?

tabloids and paparazzi will swarm to each individual who helped
save earth. fame and fortune is inevitable. and i'm sure neither of them will have to pay taxes, ever.


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