Sunday, February 11, 2007



"hi, my name is ameer, and i'm addicted to chapstick."

have you ever walked out of the house, checked your pockets, realized you forgot your chapstick, and then actually went back in the house to get it? i did this just the other day. i've done this many times. but this time it triggered a thought, "oh man: i'm addicted!!"

that got the rusty gears in my noggin a-turning.

there was a time in history when people didn't go back in their homes due to lack of lip balm. what did they do? in the 1500's did everyone on the planet just live with chapped lips? i don't think so?!

the chap-lip-prevention industry has gotten it's hooks into the masses. and they're here to stay. i state that with (adam is so cool btw) confidence because almost every person i know carries some sort of lip moisturizer with them at all times.

thing is, i don't find myself applying chapstick every minute of every waking moment. some days i don't even apply, even once. but the moment i realize i'm without chapstick, my lips shrivel up and i start to frantically search for the closest lip-balm selling store. it's almost as if chapstick in my pocket is enough to moisturize my lips. it's mental! i'm mental!

so the chapstickers have stuck the idea of dry lips in our heads, and on our lips.

thus all we really need is that subconscious piece of mind that if we ever do need some lip moisturizing, we have it! we can live without chapstick?

what do you think?

p.s. my brother borrowed my laptop while i was composing this post. his name is adam.


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