Tuesday, July 11, 2006


that scene

i’m not looking for sympathy here, but i’ve come across a scene which makes a perfect metaphor of my current life state. it’s from the movie sideways. miles, the main character has gone on the most memorable vacation of his pathetic life with his soon-to-be married friend. he then went to his friend’s wedding only to encounter his pregnant ex-wife and her happy hubby. on top of that, during the vacation, miles completely messed up what would have been a beautiful relationship with an even more beautiful woman. so miles ditches the wedding reception and goes home. he digs out of his closet a 1961 french wine that is currently ‘peaking’. the gem of his collection.

the scene is miles sitting in a mom and pop burger joint, wine bottle stuffed in the corner of the booth, yes his most prized 1961 vintage. his emotions are on a teeter totter. he’s sad due to the uncontrollable snowball of misfortune that has bowled him over. he’s in momentary bliss because his 1961 wine makes a generic burger joint feel like a 5 star meal. i’m trying to convey that feeling he’s got written on his face. those feelings.

my life is that face. there are goods and bads, ups and downs, i’m happy and sad all at the same time. thru the whole movie miles pouts about bad luck and regretted decisions, but at this point he realizes that his attitude is the only thing he needs to change in order to turn his frown upside down (one more cliché in that sentence and i would have had a hattrick).

this is the point he realizes it.


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