Tuesday, April 4, 2006



in general, when it comes to women – almost all men share one thing in common. they want more. men desire the ability to attract so many good looking women, that they are able to reject or deny hot girls whenever possible. the same goes for money. and time. ok i’m going to throw in the kitchen sink on this one, people want more of everything!

having more is better! more money, more friends, more shoes, more boyfriends, more houses, more more.

to what extent is more finally enough?

how does one measure the ‘more’? how do we know when we’re comfortable with what we have? at which point can we turn around and start to enjoy the work that we do each day?

my answer is waste. waste isn’t bad, waste is good! wasting is the new black. wasting isn’t an action, it’s a state of being. wasting is the indication of achievement.

have i gone mad? am i a complete loon? no, i’ve always been a mad loon, and you can’t go mad if you are mad – that’s all besides the point, and yes there is a point.

i’ve defined my situation of contentment, aka the achieved state, with the concept of wasting. the moment you allow yourself to waste, you’ve realized you are content. maybe you haven’t realized you are content, but you most likely are.

for example i love to waste money. buying stupid overpriced products that don’t serve a purpose is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. a drink at the bar can cost >$10.00. albeit a full 750ml bottle of the top shelf alcohol that comes in the $10.00 drink will only cost you $30.00 elsewhere. yet we purchase these drinks and have a hell of a time doing so.

money is fun to waste, but it doesn’t stop there. we want to be able to waste everything.

food is hard for me to waste. i certainly don’t look as though i’ve skipped a few meals, in fact i carry around a bit extra these days, yet i still can’t push myself to waste good food.

time, on the other hand, is a great thing to waste. sitting in bed on a saturday at 4pm is one of my favorite things to do. just waste the day away -especially if it’s bright sunny and clear outside. some people cannot afford to do so: kids, girlfriends, jobs, people who need their internet to be set up… these responsibilities obstruct your lazy saturday agenda. but if you have ample time (which we do all want) then you will be able to waste these precious minutes.

the concept of wasting previously brought forth a negative connotation, to waste is to do wrong. this was my mentality until i revisited the concept of waste, which had been drilled so deep into my thick skull. why is wasting so bad, why can’t i throw away half of my perfectly edible pizza.

i have the means to buy another one if i want. hell, i have the power and the means to buy 10 pizzas right now. if i wanted to, i could toss the 10 perfectly edible pizzas face down on the dirty street. i’m able to waste them and not feel a hit to my personal finances, my hunger, or my ego. i may be looked down upon by others, especially if they are hungry, but they don’t get it.

wasting is proof that you’ve arrived. wasting is exercising your comfort level. wasting is celebrating. i’ve deduced that having enough, means having just enough to fit your needs, and then some left over for frivolous entertainment value.


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