Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Leggo My Logo

Everybody is different, How different am I?

Everyone is special, and different, and blah blah blah. However,
there are certain topics where most of the population can be
generalized. I fall into the majority, the majority of the time.
For the 18-34 year old demographic, I am your typical Californian
male. I enjoy music, drinking, food, attractive girls, and most of
all computers.

I love logos. We all do.

Most of my clothing is designed around some company logo. Puma
shirt, Adidas shoes, Volcom belt, Quicksilver Beanie, Kenneth Cole
jacket, Hurley blue jeans, Lucky Brand boxers… a simple Saturday
afternoon outfit. But there’s more to this outfit. The logos!

The leaping puma gives me an urban underground party-goer feel

Brown Superstar Adidas shoes yield a retro-hipsterness vibe.

A red Volcom belt proves I’m down with the new, younger trends –older yet still hip.

That Quicksilver beanie shows my old-skool-ness. I was there during
quicksilver’s hay day.

My Kenneth Cole jacket shows that I can afford to buy stuff at Macy’s.

Acid washed Hurley brand blue jeans displays the fact that I did or
still do skateboard and snowboard.

Lucky Brand boxers, although only people at the Laundromat will ever
see these boxers and I won’t be wearing them when they do, show that
I can afford to spend money on boxers that display the logo of a
‘brand name’ company. (They also have a tag that says “lucky you”
sewn on the inside of the button up fly.)

My clothing displays 7 logos, all of which I wear proudly. I like
the logos; Adidas’s timeless flower, the sleek puma, and Lucky’s
clover all draw me in with their mystery and coolness.
Clothing brands is my example.

What wears who (or vice versa if
you’re of that mindset) is not my focus today.

Instead I’m
dissecting logos in general. Because IMHO (internet chat slang for
In My Humble Opinion) a logo makes or breaks whoever it represents.
To me logos are the physical appearance. People are judged solely on
how they appear, hence my brand name descriptors earlier noted. An
establishment or company doesn’t have a physical appearance, their
logo is their appearance. I judge these places simply by looking at
their logo. Since I fall into the majority, I’m assuming that
everyone else does this as well.

Let’s pull an example for this one. Tacos.
Here are three taco shop logos that I found on the net, without
looking at the menu, restaurant, location, or prices I bet you’ll
judge which place is a sit down, which place is quick and cheap, and
which place I would never be caught dead eating Mexican food in.

It’s a proven fact, that when I’m in a new town searching for food, I
will be drawn towards a cool logo above the door instead of “Taco
Shop” in block red letters.
I’m not limiting this to taco shop logos, all logos. I wanted to
work for Caterpillar because I liked their CAT logo. I don’t like
the Green Bay Packers because I find the green ‘G’ just doesn’t do it
for me. The Rolex crown logo is much more attractive than white
letters that spell casio.

To those who say “looks don’t count” should be blinded, and then
asked that same question. Looks do count, everything counts.


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