Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I’ve been reading a bit. I normally dislike books, but will be frequently found reading garbage on the internet. i realized why I hated reading school books as opposed to different web pages or magazine articles. As soon as I find something boring my mind starts to wander. So this action of my eyes going over the words, and my mind going over my thoughts always catches up at a paragraph break or a page turn. “wait, what did I just read?” crap! So I go back over it again, and this time read it the right way, the way that I read when my mind is focused on the words that my eyes are browsing.

I figured it’d be a great movie scene tho. Have a character reading a book, and hearing his voice (the voice in his head) and then all of a sudden switch to his fantasy, but here’s the cool part, still keep his words from the book audible! Then do a switch to the characters in the book that are totally different than his daydream, and back again to him reading and hearing his voice when all of a sudden he stops and says “crap!, what did I just read!”

Maybe that’d not be so cool… eh, I’m an engineer, that’s my excuse! What’s yours!


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